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A Note from our CEO: Meet Soundhawk’s Smart Listening System.


We created Soundhawk to help each of us hear more of what matters most, and today, we’re unveiling what we’ve been working on for the past two years: the world’s first Smart Listening System.

Our team is thrilled to finally reveal the product and open pre-orders. We’re confident that the energy and work we’ve poured into this will manifest itself into positively impacting the lives of millions of people.

Soundhawk’s Smart Listening System is designed for people who want to hear, communicate and connect better in everyday situations and environments. It’s not just you -- our world is getting noisier, and as a company, our mission is to transform the listening experience simply and affordably. We believe we’ve accomplished what we set out to do.

Through countless development cycles and endless debates over everything from colors to the length of each piece in millimeters, we've been working hard over many years to bring the product to life. We're proud of what we've created and hope you are excited by it.

A number of hands have gone into the making of Soundhawk, and we’re also pleased to announce our new strategic partnership with Foxconn and continued partnership with True Ventures and other investors. Many thanks also to our founder Dr. Rodney Perkins, one of the world’s leading hearing experts, and to our team for their diligent work in realizing this vision.

The System is available for pre-order now at for a limited-time offer of $279.

Of course, we know this is only the beginning and I'm sure you'll have many questions and comments. We look forward to any and all feedback -- so let us know what you think! Please stay in touch with us @Soundhawk on Twitter and

Warm regards,

Mike Kisch, CEO